The Patented Natural & Organic Bath Wash, Fun and Easy For Kids To Use by themselves

Attach to The bathtub wall, twist cap, and squeeze SOPO The Frog's belly!

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Package of 3 Sopo the Frog Dispensers (3 Month Supply)

PLUS The Sopo the Frog Bath Mitt-Hand Puppet (A $10 Value)



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Only $9.99 Each!

Natural & Organic Bath Wash That Sticks To The Wall And Is Easy For Kids to use!

“My children loved the spa quality shampoo and conditioner and use it daily instead of salon brands and take great pride in saving our planet. Great Fun For The Entire Family !”
– Deborah C.

Is it a struggle to get your kids to take a bath?

It can be difficult to get a kid to take a bath, but with Sopo the frog, they will ask you to take a bath.

It can be difficult to get a young kid to take a bath. One bad experience with shampoo that hurts the eyes or water splashing in your child’s face can turn them away from getting clean. 

We believe that it shouldn’t have to be a challenge to get your kid to take a bath. 

Introducing Sopo the frog, the 3-in-1 rich n' creamy, organic & natural shampoo, conditioner, and body wash that makes kids want to have a bath while teaching them to wash themselves!

With vs. Without SOPO!

Before After

Make Bath Time Easier And More Fun!

Many kids dislike bath time because it is not fun. Sopo the Frog makes bath time fun and provides a way to help your kids to be more independent by teaching them how to wash themselves in the bath.

Get Your kids into the bath And Wash without hassle


"Sopo Hatches" a wonderful children's book available on Amazon for $6.99 (50% OFF!). Read "Sopo Hatches" to your kid at bath time. This way, it will enhance bath time and your kid will associate the book with bath time fun and good hygiene!


Teach your child how to use SOPO by pushing on his tummy to get the shampoo/conditioner/body wash out of the dispenser.


Play and make up stories with Sopo the Frog hand puppet and then wash themselves with the bath mitt. Soon enough they will be washing themselves in
no time!

Join Other happy parents Who have been able
to teach their kids how to wash with Sopo the Frog!

Parents & Children Alike LOVE Sopo The Frog!

“After a fun full day of playing, we only trust Sopo the Frog!”

“Your kids are going to love it!”

“Sopo is absolutely a go-to for us!”

“After a fun full day of playing, we only trust Sopo the Frog!”

“Your kids are going to love it!”

“Sopo is absolutely a go-to for us!”

The Competition Doesn't Stand A Chance

Sopo the Frog Super Safe 3-in-1 Organic-Natural Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

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